Need efficient, practical and friendly financial management software?
Adaptive Management Financial is already here, representing the ideal solution for entrepreneurs passionate about productivity and profit

Financial Tool

Unleash your company's financial power now!

Financial Tool

Accurate & efficient management of financial resources

  • Decision control based on real financial data
  • Pragmatic financial reflexes
  • The real perspective of the company starting from the financial indicators
  • Predictability and fast decision-making
  • Managerial transparency
  • Organizational efficiency and discipline
  • Strategic allocation of resources
Financial Tool

Improving company and business performance by

  • Professional financial management
  • Digitization of financial management
  • Rigorous control of the company's finances
  • Anticipating financial inflection points
  • Optimizing the income and expenditure budget
  • Integrated business simulator

AMF represents the easiest financial management solution for the entrepreneurs

What does Adaptive Financial Management offer you in addition to classic accounting reporting?

Being intuitive, relatively easy to understand and use, AMF brings together, in the same interface, all the vital financial elements of any business.
The income and expenses lists are accompanied by a clear structure, easily customizable by each entrepreneur.
Graphic analysis visually showcases, in real-time, the financial realities of the company.

Likewise, customer and supplier financial management are vital tools in achieving the financial discipline necessary for productivity and profitability.
The cost / unit structure, accompanied by graphic analysis, helps every entrepreneur to coherently identify the evolution of the cost of Added Value Unit.

software management financiar - Adaptive Management Financial

Integrated business simulator

  • By which you will know the impact your decisions have on the company's money
  • You will know which strategic decision is the right one from a financial perspective
  • You will be able to translate a certain direction of development into real figures
  • You will visualize concretely where a new business idea can generate profit or loss
  • You will be able to articulate a business plan based on numbers and economic realities
  • You will access a new entrepreneurial reality - the measurable one, based on numbers and KPIs
software management financiar - Adaptive Management Financial
financial management software meant for entrepreneurs

Performant, responsive & scalable

Designed and dedicated to ambitious entrepreneurs for whom control of financial resources, performance and profitability are truly important

Financial Tool

Income list

Financial Tool

Income budget structure

Financial Tool

Income graphical analysis

Financial Tool

Clients financial management

Financial Tool

Suppliers financial management

Financial Tool

Unit cost structure/graphical analysis

Financial Tool

Exepenses list

Financial Tool

Expenses budget structure

Financial Tool

Espenses graphical analysis

Who is Adaptive Management Financial for?

For entrepreneurs

Who do not yet have correct and coherent financial budgets but who want to become competitive and financially disciplined

For businesses

Under development but which do not have a rigorous, yet separate from classic accounting reporting, financial management system

For companies

Who feel the need for financial discipline, clear budgets, identifying and reducing losses and waste

Purchase Adaptive Financial Management now and enjoy taking back the financial control of your company

Adaptive Management Financial

Buy Adaptive Financial Management - the ideal financial software for entrepreneurs, businessmen and companies who want to improve their work, budget and also strive to eliminate financial waste.

50 € / Monthly billing/ a single instance (company)

  • the monthly rate is applicable regardless the contract period
  • unlimited number of users
  • intended for the management of a single company
  • 30 days trial

Purchasing AMF and understanding how financial management works is the most important strategic decision for your company

How we support you

Because we have integrated in the Financial Tool all the modern principles of financial management and controlling, the purchase and implementation of AMF can be demanding for entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Financial management software for performance

Being a software inspired by the discipline of rigorous financial controlling, AMF is the friendliest solution for entrepreneurs who want to evolve from break-even to profitability

  • Instant access to company figures
  • Rigorous control of budgets
  • Elimination of waste
  • Identification of Added Value Centers
  • Optimised administrative and operational costs
  • Possibility of direct purchase of the AMF software application
  • Purchase of the application and start managing now
  • Strategic investments done wisely
  • Right from the start you will be able to manage your company finances
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