How does Adaptive Management Financial work?

AMF is a real financial "manager" dedicated to your company and designed for productivity, performance and profit

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Online: at the office, at home or remotely

Being a SaaS (Software as a service) software operated through the cloud, AMF is particularly versatile and accessible right from the moment of purchase and account validation.

Thus, each user benefits from a practical, friendly and intuitive interface organized in clearly differentiated sections. AMF's versatility allows you to have real-time access to all your company's financial data wherever you are, facilitating the most appropriate management decisions.

Dedicated to financial performance

The 4 main AMF sections are: the Dashboard, Companies (entered with financial data in the software), Company Groups and the Integrated Business Simulator.

The Dashboard (Main Panel) displays the following indicators: Target Revenue, Realized Revenue, Target Expenses, Realized Expenses, Target Nominal Profit, Nominal Profit Realized, Target Profit Margin %, % Dividends distributed from profit, #Dividends, etc.

Adaptive Management Financial sections

General KPI's

Representing the company's finances in figures and graphical analyses, the General Indicators section includes Operating Expenses, Revenues and Business Indicators.

Expenses budget structure

As one of the most important sections of the AMF, the Expenses Budget Structure integrates the functions of differentiating between planned and actual expenses.

Expenses list

The list of AMF expenses is explicit, direct and easy to complete. Thus, in this section we will accurately fill in all the expenses incurred.

Cost structure / unit & graphical analysis

This extremely important indicator sums up the processes, goods and services that compete directly and effectively to produce a single unit of product/service.

Income budget structure

It integrates all sources of income - from the main activity, to the secondary one or to other complementary activities. Additional income categories, capital infusions or new categories may be added.

Income list

The AMF income list is explicit, direct and easy to fill out. Thus, in this section, we will fill in, accurately, all the income obtained as a result of the company's activity.

Graphical analysis of income

This income graphing section consists of 4 extremely useful graphs for any entrepreneur paying attention to the financial mechanism of the company.

Client list

Being elegant, easy to use and versatile, the Client List allows all entrepreneurs to index all the company's clients in an orderly manner.

Suppliers list

Similar to the Client List, the Supplier List indexes all the company's suppliers, facilitating a precise work structure in relation to the suppliers.

Integrated business simulator

  • Do you want to know what impact your decisions have on the company's money?
  • Do you want to know which strategic decision is the right one from a financial perspective?
  • Do you want to translate a specific development direction into real numbers?
  • Do you want to see exactly where a new business idea can generate profit or loss?
  • Do you like building a business plan based on numbers and economic realities?
  • Do you prefer measurable entrepreneurial reality, not dreaming and "playing" entrepreneurship?